Orbiting the Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange Point

Just a project site for some of my hobby coding projects

The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui

Fight your way through the tower, defeating first Bedsui's lieutenants and then him

Title Screen Instructions

The Thirty One Lieutenants of Sorcerer Bedsui is a Java roguelike, created as a prototype to show off novel, squad-based combat mechanics. Currently in a fully playable state. I am hoping to incorporate feedback into a more ambitious game in the future.

Haft Schroedinger Chess

*Haft Schroedinger Chess* is a chess variant with rules inspired by quantum mechanics. Like traditional chess, it is a combinatorial game, meaning it is both deterministic (no random chance at all) and has no hidden information.

Recent Development Updates [RSS]

Dynamically Resizable Game Window - Part 2
Posted on 16 February 2018

The dynamic sizing overhaul is finished! Now players can resize the screen freely, with the font size and widget layout adjusting themselves responsively.

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Dynamically Resizable Game Window
Posted on 08 February 2018

This week I started an overhaul of the game’s windowing code to allow dynamic resizing. Hopefully I’ll fufill one of the requests made in my reddit Feedback Friday.

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New Year, New User Interface - Part Three
Posted on 01 February 2018

It took a solid month of coding, but the new mouse based interface is in a playable state (check out the latest release!!), and I’ve ripped out the last of the old command line code. I know the last two updates were minimal, so for this update I’m going to take more time to show off the new features and explan the thing behind the changes I made.

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New Year, New User Interface - Part Two
Posted on 25 January 2018

The new interfce work continues; I’ve knocked out the new ‘battle preperation’ user interface!

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New Year, New User Interface
Posted on 19 January 2018

I’m back at development after a nice Christmas/New Years vacation, and this year starts with a gutting and rework of the user interface. Mainly replacing the command line with a more conventional mouse based interface.

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