Map Generation and Character Balance

Posted on 24 November 2017 in T31LoSB

I got two things done this week!

The fist thing was nerfing the party druid, Cedarwood. A friend was helping with some play testing, and on one of his runs he slipped up and Cedarwood died. Instead of playing through the loss, he started a new game because Cedarwood’s magic attacks were too critical to try playing without. I probably would have quit then too. When I play, I almost always defeat enemy lieutenants by first cornering them and then blasting with Cedarwood’s lightning spell.

To balance the team, I removed Cedarwood’s ability to use magical scrolls, giving that ability to the underpowered Freja. The player still gets two magical attacks at the start of the game, but losing one character won’t cost both those spells.

Freja With Scroll

The second was improving the procedural floor generator. The obstacles are spaced more evenly now, which is nice.

New Floor Design